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Boost Google Site Speed by Hosting Gtag.js Locally

google site speed

It’s crucial to the success of your business that your website loads quickly. Visitors get turned off by slow websites, which ruin their overall user experience. As a result, your website may experience a decrease in visitors. Here’s how to use MonsterInsights to increase the performance of your site.

What is Gtag.js?

Users of Google Analytics include marketers, digital marketers, internet company owners, entrepreneurs, among others. Your website’s analytics provide data and insights based on the events it captures.

Your site’s performance, including SEO and Google’s site speed, is also tracked, as is your visitor’s activity throughout your web pages, as well as their demographics and interests. Use the gtag.js script on your site, among other things, to analyze data across Google products and report event data to Google Analytics.

How vital is Google Site Speed to Rank your Website?

With Google Site Speed, SEO scores would improve, page experience would enhance, backlinks would build, traffic would increase, and website speed would increase. These are the ranking variables that Google will use when determining your position in the search results.

The proper keywords and offer might help you reach millions of high-quality prospects who could become paying customers or loyal customers. You may get a piece of the enormous pie of prospective consumers, regardless of whether you have an eCommerce website, a blogging site, or any other brand or specialty.

To begin with, you’ll need to improve on your SEO scores, Page Experience, User Experience, Core Web Vitals Score, and Website Speed. In addition to helping you rank higher in Google’s search results, your website’s speed has a direct impact on your conversion rate and website traffic.

How slows down your Google Speed?

JavaScript variables, methods, and programs get included in Gtag.js. Compares Google products and sends event data to Google Analytics for further analysis. gtag and other analytics packages. As a result, your website’s performance may get slowed by Javascript.

Any additional code or JavaScript on your site may cause your page to load slowly. The only method we can collect information from our site’s visitors or events is through JavaScript. The third purpose of a pop-up is to encourage users to interact with your website.

Despite this, a large JavaScript file might add weight to your site’s file and slow down its speed. In general, analytics scripts like Gtag Javascript might cause your website to run slowly.

Your page loading speed will get slowed down by any additional code or Javascript on your site. However, Javascript is why we can gather information from our site’s visitors or events thanks to Javascript.

How to Increase the performance of Google’s site by Hosting local?

The database records domain names and transforms them to IP addresses, which is known as the Domain Name System, or DNS. When a user or visitor looks for an address, the request is forwarded to the DNS server, which processes it.

This web domain’s IP address is returned. Due to this, users and visitors to the site may now access the site’s website.

In any page speed testing tool, such as Google Site Speed, this is one of the most common problems website owners run across while using it. Gtag.js allows you to decrease the loading time of your website.

Your page’s speed will increase as a result of hosting your gtag.js locally.

If you’re using the latest version of MonsterInsights, you may now host gtag.js on your server to optimize Google site speed. The performance add-on capability of MonsterInsights allows you to host your gtag.js script locally, fast, and simply.

MonsterInsights update to boost your Google Site Speed

MonsterInsights focuses on lowering the loading time of the Gtag.Js script while keeping Core Web Vitals in mind. The Performance Addon has been updated to provide the option to host the Gtag.Js script locally on your server.

A reduction in external calls and a faster loading page would be achieved. In the past, MonsterInsights has observed that google analytics plugins can cause websites to load slowly. To enable quicker script loading on your Google analytics scripts, they’ve also changed their plugin.

Your Google Page Experience and Core Web Vitals scores will improve as a result of these improvements. If you host the script locally, you may have complete control over caching, which can minimize the loading time of your website.

The MonsterInsights plugin can now be connected with AIOSEO, a WordPress SEO plugin that helps your website rank in Google. the FAQ

Ques 1: Is there any add-on for improving performance?

Ans: For maximum Google Analytics processing efficiency, you may use MonsterInsights Performance’s Sample Rate and Site Pace Sample Rate options.

Ques 2: What is CDN?

Ans: An Internet content delivery network (CDN) is a global network of servers located in different parts of the world. Visitors to your website are provided with static material, such as photos and stylesheets, via these services.


MonsterInsights WordPress plugin gives extensive data and helpful information that you can use to enhance your marketing campaign to effectively target your audience according to their interests and personality, making it the best Google Analytics solution out there.

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