How to get powerful backlinks from Blog Commenting?

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Everyone talks about the negative side of Blog Commenting. Let’s talk about the positive side today. Have you ever wondered that commenting on blogs, forums, and question/answer websites can improve your website traffic? No? Read the post below to get an idea of how to do it.

Hi again…

What pushed me to write this post? Well, it’s just because of many people asking if blog commenting is still valuable.

Blog Commenting Idea:

Let me share where this idea came from:

I was searching for some help on Google and saw this thing happening.

When you search for any issue, there are many people to help you out on the same. They do the research, help with some messages, cite references along with some paid tools (which I believe is a sort of marketing & that may come from an executive of that company) or some other articles published on his/her blog to drive traffic there.
Now, if I’m still looking for references and haven’t received a proper resolution yet, I’ll definitely click on all the links and check out for a solution. On those links, I’ll be spending more than a minute for sure, so that’s a positive bounce.

My research: I checked these for multiple niches including SEO tactics, affiliate marketing, programming, e-commerce purchases, review websites, and more. This is a common trend everywhere. The users are putting in some value on that blog and in return getting a backlink. It’s a win-win for both of them.

Now, people are looking for ideas on how to search for blogs, forums, etc:

1. Look for competitor backlinks.

2. Blog Commenting: Search for a few topics and you’ll definitely get a pattern for backlinks. Now, what is that? Let me explain. If someone is commenting for his health blog, check his comment. If you feel that the comment is legitimate and non-spammy, find out the Disqus or intense debate username (or many more) and check the other blogs he has commented on. Check the quality of a few of those. If a few of them are okay, you can trust that user and follow his commented blogs. Now, you need to find an article on that blog where you can plan to drop a comment only if you have a related or detailed post on your blog similar to that. If that comment is approved, it will add a lot of value to both. Check out our other posts for help on how to search blogs for commenting.

3. Get going on Question/Answer Websites: Some people are spamming Quora & Yahoo q/a by putting links in each of their comments. Now, that’s the mistake. Keep writing on quora but put your links only if your post can add value while answering the question. The same applies to Yahoo Q/A.

4. Search for questions: If you have written a post, and that too a detailed one; write a few questions based on that. Search them on Google one by one. You’ll find a lot of pages where users have asked a question based on your article. Now, that’s it. You have got the spark. Add value by sharing your knowledge there and drive traffic to your blog as well. Isn’t that easy?

5. Social Media: Now, this is also one of the best media to get the traffic rolling in. You can participate in discussions, add value there and the users will follow you for more.

So, basically, to conclude this post, for now, I’d say Content is the real king. A backlink is a kind of a cherry on a cake to make it better.

Will add more to this post. Keep watching out for it.


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