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5 High Tech Trends that will make you love Driving Again


Driving should be a serious pleasure. We all deserve to look forward to getting into our cars each day, taking the kids to school, going off to work, or going to the grocery store. Driving often becomes mundane and a little boring after we do it for so many things we don’t want to do! It’s time to take driving back once and for all. Let’s explore the top 5 tech trends that will make your ride pleasurable and convenient.

Tech Trends to make your driving easier

1. ADAS, or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Embedded vision technology is the name of the game. ADAS is designed to reduce the amount of work the driver has to do during their drive. Ergo, vision systems surround the car, acting as a security system of sorts for the vehicle. They protect against driver error, obstacles in the roadway, other cars and trucks and pedestrians.

Using the advanced visual processing capabilities, these systems provide tracking info as well as recognition to onboard safety systems to power such features as the lane departure warning, collision mitigation, drowsy driver detection and all the other great, protective features we enjoy.

2. Energy and Engine Management Systems

In today’s world, we want better fuel economy and longer driving range. Therefore, miles per gallon has become more important than ever. This has led to the introduction of digital engine management systems that do so much. They provide critical supervisory functions for batteries in cars of the electric and hybrid variety, as well as perform energy monitoring, analysis and control that is required to optimize fuel and/or battery consumption.

Engine management works by integrating info from the vehicle’s periphery into a central control. These systems are very impressive as they must blend real time sensor data with models of fuel or energy cell consumption to ensure optimization of all operations.

3. Car Meets Computer: Graphic Interfaces

If you own even a relatively new car, you probably enjoy the luxury of a touchscreen that will help you get to your favorite radio stations, pair your smartphone with your car, and help you find where you need to go with an onboard navigation system.

These thin film transistor LCD screens bring you the best in resolution, contrast and screen size to provide an experience that is a lot like using your smartphone. Some cars even promise the ability to use third party app stores for an even broader range of services you can have in your vehicle.

4. Blockchain: A Force for Good

A cousin of the famous Bitcoin, Blockchain is causing ripple in various industries right about now. Blockchain promises to redefine the meaning of digital trust and is heralded as a transformative technology in several areas.

People using online source of used sports cars, attest that the reason people are getting excited about it is that it could create a trusted and accurate protocol for the supply chains of auto parts providers in helping to remove fake or counterfeit parts, preventing them from being sold on the market.

This will help businesses remain profitable in many ways: auto repair shops can keep their good reputations, and companies that make these genuine parts will not be put out of business by a cheap imitation. Lastly, drivers like yourself get to keep their ride in good condition longer.

5. Features for a World of Convenience

Certainly, what’s under the hood in your car’s computer matters, and so does the elimination of counterfeit parts. But what affects you directly-at this moment-are the great features you can enjoy in many modern cars of today.

For example, ambient interior lighting is a nice way to adjust the lights to fit what you need at that moment. It almost feels like you are riding in a limo or party bus. Some of these lights even change based on the intensity of the music you are playing!

The ability to have Wi-Fi inside your car is a small but wonderful luxury. While drivers should refrain from using their devices while driving, passengers can do schoolwork, connect to music, and keep themselves entertained on long car trips.

App and smartphone integration is another biggie. For example, the app EnLighten can tell you exactly when a light is going to change, which can make your commute a whole lot faster and easier. Connect that to your car’s Wi-Fi, and you can always be in the know about when to go and which route will have the least red-light time.



The technologies offered in today’s cars are nothing short of amazing. Many more people are driving nowadays out of necessity and desire, and with many more people on the road, it is necessary to have safe technology that will keep drivers, pedestrians and everyone in between safe. These technologies pave the way for a fun, safe and ultimately enjoyable driving experience.

Author Bio: James is a freelance writer who specializes in motoring and automotive field. He writes for and when he is not filling a blank page on his laptop he spends his free time hanging out in his local coffee shop reading the latest Stephen King book.

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