6 Best AnimeHeaven Alternative Sites 2021 (HD Animation Shows)


Anime is a computer-generated or hand-drawn style of animation that originated from Japan. Initially, this art style was created in the early 1900s, but it wasn’t until the 1960s that Anime started taking shape and form into what we know it as today.

With shows like Dragon Ball Z, Doraemon, Naruto, Shin Chan, and countless more examples, Anime is an exceptionally popular genre of animation that is loved by countless people all around the world. According to polls, Anime is watched by approximately 2-3 billion people worldwide, and there are several different sources where someone can watch.

List of Best Animeheaven Alternatives Website

Due to the nature of these types of websites that share and stream free shows and movies, they violate certain copyright laws. So, therefore, they are heavily monitored by authorities, and because of this, these websites are periodically taken down but sooner or later, they reappear. But what to do when Animeheaven is not working? What are the other websites like Animeheaven?

There is a wide-ranging list of animeheaven alternative sites to use in substitute.

1. KissAnime Sites

Another popular and reliable anime sharing site is Kissanime. Sites like KissAnime features an extensive range of anime shows and movies.

Much like Animeheaven, it has different categories that one can choose, making it much easier and simpler to find a particular show or movie.

2. 9Anime Streaming Site

What makes this site so unique is the advanced search filter/options. With 9Anime, you can narrow down your search from a various list of factors. This includes the year the show or movie was released, the number of seasons the particular program has the type of spoken language, the quality of the program or movie, the show’s genre, etc.

3. Animelab

Much like the other animation alternative sites previously mentioned, this site provides well-known and popular anime shows and movies. But what differentiates this online streaming site from the others is the ability to watch on devices other than just your laptop/ computer or mobile.

Animelab is compatible with devices like: Apple Tv, video game consoles like Xbox 360 or PlayStation, Samsung Tv, Sony Tv, Blu-ray playing devices, Google Chrome, and many others.

4. Anime Heroes

Another great site that meets and fulfils your anime watching needs. This site provides anime shows with an English dub or subtitles in case you want to watch the show in your native language. With the provision of HD quality definition and the ability to watch on several devices such as tablets and mobile phones, this is a notable animeheaven alternative.

5. Animelab Alternative Website

Although this site is limited to certain countries (Australia and New Zealand) with a VPN obtain, anyone can watch from this site.

6. Masteranime Replacement Website

Some anime shows contain certain themes or elements which may not be suitable for a younger audience. Therefore, what makes this site so special is the unique feature to only show anime programs specific to a younger age group.

What is AnimeHeaven?

Although this animation genre has an extensive following from its fans, it is not always available to watch TV. To rectify this, websites solely dedicated to anime have emerged and have been providing content for fans of this animation genre for many years. One of the most well-known and popular anime sharing/ streaming sites is ‘AnimeHeaven’.

For years, Animeheaven has been supplying fans with the opportunity to fulfill their anime watching needs. By providing a free, reliable, and, most importantly, safe website to the public, Animeheaven has become the go-to for anime watchers.

Without any need for pesky and time-consuming downloads and installations, which may not even be safe due to the possibility of downloading a virus, anyone can instantly stream their favorite anime show with just a click of their mouse.

It is very easy to find any particular show you are searching for with a simple and uncomplicated website design. And to make it even easier to find what you are looking for, this site has divided genres into different categories. Like any film, tv, or music genre, anime also has several different subcategories.

Therefore, Animeheaven has provided an interface that classifies and divides the different anime genres. So, if you are in the mood for comedy, horror, drama, action, romance, adventure, etc., Animeheaven fulfils all of your needs. Also, just in case if you are on the run, Animeheaven app is also mobile-friendly so that you can watch it anywhere you want.

Usage of VPN for AnimeHeaven Alternative Site

As stated earlier, the nature of these websites that provide movies and shows free of cost is still technically considered illegal since it is a form of internet piracy. Since the licensing laws for anime are only bound and constrained to Japan, it makes it a tad bit difficult to watch your favorite anime shows, especially if the site you are streaming is from Japan.

In order to solve this dilemma, acquiring or downloading a VPN is recommended. With the usage of a VPN, not only will it protect your browser from prying eyes, but it will also allow you to watch from sites from different countries.

AnimeHeaven Alternative Website

Q: Are these Streaming Sites legal?

A: Technically, no, these sights are not exactly legal since they do infringe copyright laws, but there will not be any dire consequences from frequenting these sites.

Q: Can I watch from these Alternative Sites without a VPN?

A: Yes, you can watch shows and movies from these sites, but a VPN is recommended because copyright organizations heavily monitor these sites, so to be on the safer side, obtaining a VPN is advised.

Q: Do these sites contain any Viruses or Malware?

A: Most of these sites do not contain any viruses or malware, but it is still recommended to tread lightly and use precautions.



Anime is already an extremely popular animation genre watched by billions of people worldwide. But thanks to Animeheaven and all of the other alternative sites mentioned, with a simple click of your mouse, it is readily available to watch at any time and on any device.

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