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5 Best CouchTuner Alternatives 2021

Best Couchtuner alternatives

CouchTuner is a free online video streaming site that concentrates on offering its users free access to high-quality videos of all latest movies, shows, dramas, episodes, and so forth. Here, you can watch almost all the videos for free without any monthly or yearly subscription fee. You can get unlimited free access to Couchtuner until you want. Due to its no-cost feature, many are choosing these sites. Though its popularity is increasing, few people would like to substitute it with other relevant sites.

And so, we are providing all the necessary information on the topmost Couchtuner alternatives in this article. Read this article until the close to get a better understanding regarding the same.

What are the Best Couchtuner Alternatives?

Many alternatives to Couchtuner are available online, and here we will get to know some of the best Couchtuner site.

1. SolarMovie Proxy Site

SolarMovie is one of the widely used streaming sites like couchtuner that render links to the newest movies, shows, series, and more to its users. If you’re about to explore a new streaming site better than Couchtuner, SolarMovie would be a great choice to go on. Something interesting about it is you can watch any latest movies without subscription fees or any such fees.




Being unpaid, you can explore almost all your favorite shows for free. To all movie enthusiasts, it could be the greatest option to watch all the latest movies released throughout the globe. It’s also user-friendly, as it never asks its subscribers to enter their personal information.

2. Daily TV Fix

Are you looking for an online video streaming website which could provide the best experience, and offer access to all its content from a little show to blockbuster movie, the oldest to the newest, favorite picks of its users, and so more? If yes,  we could say you have likely discovered the best video streaming platform available online. Yes, Daily TV Fix allows its users to subscribe for free, watch for free, and provide unlimited access to it.




These tactics of Daily TV Fix is attracting a lot of users to make it as their prime streaming site, and it has likely become the most recommended alternative of Couchtuner.

3. New Episodes

Another suggested online video streaming platform by almost all sources available online to substitute for Couchtuner is New Episodes. It also allows its active users to subscribe for free, accesses it for free, and offer unlimited lifetime access to its site. It aligns the videos in Alphabetical order, which makes the site looks systematically organized.

Unlike most of the other online free video streaming platforms, New Episodes has an online forum that permits its users to introduce themselves to others. From oldest to latest, unpopular to popular, and flop to blockbuster, you could get access to everything for free. Most users prefer it just because they feel like saving the amount invested on paid video streaming sites.

4. Putlocker Movie

Putlocker is another online video streaming website mainly indexed for entertainment purposes. Like other streaming platforms, users get access to the latest HD movies, shows, and so forth. To all streamers, Putlocker could be a paradise. Some unique features of Putlocker involve films from several international locations and languages with all subtitles.




It can be accessed from almost all gadgets like PC, laptops, and smartphones. Its collections are not only limited to the latest shows; it allows its users to get access to both old and new shows. Websites like Putlocker gain public interest because they offer free access to all its users, unlike popular paid sites like Netflix.

5. Primewire

Again, Primewire is also the best alternative for Couchtuner. It is a free online video hosting and streaming site that allows its user to watch movies, shows, series, and others online. If you’re someone who is looking to stream movies online for free, sites like Primewire are of greater choice.




Though there is controversy about their copyright and liability issues, users still enjoy watching the latest movies, shows, and more online for free. These factors remain a boosting factor for the growth of sites like Primewire. It permits its users to watch the videos at high HD quality. It has a wide collection of both the latest and old shows, including movies and dramas.

What is Couchtuner?

Couchtuner is an online video streaming site that showcases trending movies, shows, episodes, series, and all your favorite picks. Couchtuner is an online video streaming platform that is offering its free service to users from 2010. For its free content streaming service, it gained many audiences from different countries.

Couchtuner has always been subjected to copyright violation issues and often considered to be illegal. Despite its negative reviews, many people are still gaining access to it. Couchtuner is designed to allow its users to gain access to almost all of the latest movies, shows, dramas, and so more released throughout the globe. Websites like Couchtuner for movies generate revenue by publishing ads to their sites and in other such methods. It can be accessed for free at any time, any day, and from anywhere.

It might look fair, but the violation of copyrights had put its status down, decreasing its users, not truly. Below, we have also explained how safe is Couchtuner, how to access CouchTuner, the free online video streaming site using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), and FAQ on its alternatives.

Keep reading to get a clear understanding of the same.

Is Couchtuner Safe?

Many sources state that Couchtuner is an illegal online streaming site, and threatens its users by exposing malware and spying. Other sources state that it is safe unless you click on any ads or unknown links found on its site. Downloading videos online using Couchtuner is not appreciable, as it is considered to be unsafe.

Therefore, if you ask is Couchtuner a safe site, our answer could be both yes and no. Risk of malware and violation of personal liability is the topmost safety risks witnessed in Couchtuner.

To stand on the safe side, it is recommended to substitute Couchtuner with other relevant sites or turn to popular paid streaming sites like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and more. On your risk, you could also get access to free sites as well. Reminding a popular note that suits the situation, anything granted for free is not worth enough to hold. Neglecting all the safety risks, there are still many users who utilize it as their prime online video streaming site just because it is granted for free.

Certain tech experts advise free online movie streaming users to stick on to paid online video streaming websites to avoid any safety risks, data loss, and exposure to threats like Couchtuner malware.

How to Access CouchTuner Using a VPN?

Generally, online movie streaming sites necessitate high bandwidth as it needs to carry on the platform. Badly coded VPNs or providers offer poor service to the servers, wasting a lot of your connection speed. It will be challenging to wait for a long time. So, while choosing a VPN, it is mandatory to choose the one which is best and avoids almost all such connection and server errors.

Choosing the VPN (Virtual Private Network), which is used by plenty of users, is appreciable to ensure safety. Nord VPN, Express VPN, and Surfshark VPN are some of the top-rated VPNs you can use for it. Among these VPNs, it is said that Express VPN is the fastest and is given the top-most priority while choosing VPNs. All the pre-mentioned VPNs ensured safety, high-speed connection and termed as high-quality VPNs. Nowadays, utilizing VPNs for all such activities is recommended by people of all areas.


Couchtuner Alternatives FAQ

1. Do the alternatives have safety risks like Couchtuner?

It depends on the website you prefer. Unless it is a paid online video streaming website, you can’t expect 100% safety. It means every free online video streaming website has its safety risks.

2. Which among the alternatives is the best?

All the mentioned alternatives serve the same purpose of allowing users to watch videos for free. Hence, it isn’t easy to specify a particular website as best.




Undoubtedly, Couchtuner is one of the best online video streaming platforms despite its safety risks. Yet, minor issues on it are decreasing its popularity and boosting the popularity of other relevant sites. We have provided the top-most preferable alternative to Couchtuner in this article.

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