How to do Coupon Marketing?


Coupon marketing is a relatively new marketing approach that has proven to be a tremendous success. Because it isn’t giving the proper sort of offers to the appropriate type of consumer, most company owners are losing out on money generated through coupon marketing.

To help you make a decision, below is a thorough overview of coupon marketing.

What is Coupon Marketing?

A coupon is a ticket or documentation used in marketing that may be returned for a monetary rebate or refund while making a purchase. Producers of consumable packaged products and merchants distribute coupons utilized in retail outlets as part of sales campaigns.

Coupon marketing is a promotional approach that capitalizes on consumers’ desire to save money on purchases. Customers’ loyalty and happiness may get influenced if you provide your products cheaper than usual.

There are two primary approaches to running a successful coupon marketing campaign. The campaign might get promoted over the internet. Alternatively, the campaign might get conducted more conventionally.

Why are Coupon pop-ups crucial?

A timely crop-up coupon might make your customers feel as though they’re part of an exclusive “in-group.” Well-targeted marketing, in other words, makes people feel unique. You may present crop-ups based on visitor action or inactivity, and you can target discounts by the device.

When combined with exit-intent technologies, your popup coupons may be effective tools for reducing customer acquisition costs. It’s critical to make offers in the right way if you don’t want to annoy prospective consumers.

Several programs are available for producing universal coupon popups, but not all of them would produce the desired results.

Some fun and effective ways to use the OptinMonster Coupon Popups

1. Appropriate Popups

Shoppers who weren’t on the mailing list or new to the business will not appreciate a pop-up offering a deal if they follow the store on social media platforms. An exit-intent pop-up will help them achieve their objective because it will not interrupt their flow or take up too much time.

To pinpoint who sees your pop-up coupon, utilize a mix of OptinMonster’s ready marketing rules. You might use geo-targeting to show your discount exclusively to consumers in a specific area or to customers engaged in a particular ad.

2. Personalization

Automatic pop-ups promoting discounts or specials are popular with so many other consumers. When it comes to surfing, though, not everybody takes the same path. With OptinMonster’s precise tracking and personalization tools, you can show the appropriate pop-up information to the correct user at the right moment.

You may make bespoke pop-ups and even include innovative pop-up features that alter based on user behavior, such as countdowns and a spinner.

3. Inciting Offers

Pop-ups serve no use when they infringe on our consumers’ valuable time. As a result, it’s crucial to walk carefully and, more crucially, imaginatively. Pop-ups may be made to be a fun aspect if you know how to use them. Because they aren’t providing excellent deals to the proper consumers, most business owners are going bankrupt.

Customers will feel welcomed with an appropriate pop-up coupon. A good campaign is the only thing that makes a consumer pleased.

How to Create a Pop-up Coupon with OptinMonster?

In this article, we’ll be using OptinMonster. If you haven’t already done so, go sign up for OptinMonster to follow along.

All signed up? Ready to go?

Good. Let’s get started.

1. Create your Campaign

The coupon may be customized in a variety of ways. Alternatively, one may give a discount and free shipping.

Select a campaign type from the drop-down menu > For your popup, select a layout.

There are over 30 beautifully made designs with various layouts and color schemes to pick from. All OptinMonster themes are configurable and adaptable. Suppose one wants to create an HTML application. One may do so with OptinMonster’s Canvas technology.

Provide the project a name > select the website where the crop-up will appear > and then click the Start Building button.

2. Customize your pop-up coupon

Whatever campaign type users choose, the next stage is to personalize the design and content to match their specific requirements.

You’ll get transported to OptinMonster’s fantastic drag-and-drop project generator after pressing “Start-Building.” To access the component editing features on the left, click on the headline.

Then, in the text box, write your new content. With the provided tools, one may format the text. Clients may expand on the offer.

The steps visitors must take to receive it, such as entering their email addresses. One may also customize the picture and background color.

3. Set up delivery of your coupon code

After one has completed the basic design, consider how your clients will receive their coupons once they’ve submitted their information. On the Success View, you may enter the coupon code.

It gets edited in the same way as the rest of your campaign. Alternatively, visitors might get sent to a different website where they can use the discount. You may use a coupon link as the redirect URL, which will immediately apply the coupon when visitors arrive at the destination site.

4. Publish your Pop-up Coupon

Finally, save your modifications before launching your campaign. To get started, head to the Publish tab to go over your publishing options> then toggle the status button to activate it.

You may also use the site-wide embed code, which gets obtained by pressing a button. You can only upload your Crop-up coupon using the campaign-specific embedded codes. This is how your ultimate coupon will look like.

Coupon Marketing FAQ

Ques 1: What are some of the advantages of coupon marketing?

Ans: Coupon campaigns are designed to achieve objectives, increase customer loyalty, and outperform competitors.

Ques 2: Which discount crop-up app should you use?

Ans: There are several programs available for producing generic coupon crop-ups. However, OptinMonster is the best option for creating crop-up coupons.


To summarize, OptinMonster appears to be the best alternative for discount marketing. As a result, knowing how to use OptinMonster to provide crop-up coupons to visitors to your site is critical.

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